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I am a Mayflower. I am a free spirit. Sun in Taurus. Moon in Gemini. Ascendant in Sagittarius. Let there be peace on Earth~the peace that was meant to be.

"We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there."
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it’s like you’re my mirror


it’s like you’re my mirror

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Anonymous asked: If you can't keep fish alive, then how will keep a bearded dragon alive. The babies need daily attention and must be fed twice a day. Sounds like it would be too much for you.


Uhm the fish aren’t staying alive because they’re crappy fish from walmart. I had fish way back when I was like 10 and they lived for quite some time. I’ve done everything on my part to keep them alive, but they keep dying. I’m not incompetent. I know how to feed an animal. And I’ve read up on it, I know the care needed for one. Thanks for your concern though anon.

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After almost 4 years, I’m FINALLY getting Saturdays off. 
Bout freaking time.

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in movies when kids sneak out through their windows and im just like why dont you have screens in your windows who doesnt have screens in their windows what do you just let bees and bugs and birds and shit fly into your room what the fuck

#literally just had to google that#apparently screens are widely used in Australia USA and Canada#in Europe we deal with stuff that comes through the window like a man(x)

this is why you guys had the black plague.

I bet you’d be talking different if you lived in Australia with every single venomous reptile and insect on the planet camping out in your backyard

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Could this really be happening?!? OMG.

Could this really be happening?!? OMG.

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i hate that i literally cant tell if im ugly or not and i cant tell if im really fat or just like kinda fat i literally cant tell and sometimes ill be like “im just being dumb im pretty good looking” and then ill be like “wow im being so egotistical i definitely look like shit what am i talking about” like i just…. dont know and it bothers me so much cos it’s something i can’t understand 

you can’t understand because your brain is literally confused on why its having thoughts of you being ugly or fat. you are perfect and your brain knows that. so of course it’s confused. 

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I apparently can’t keep a fish alive to save my own life.
I really want to ask the office manager if I can have a bearded dragon.
I’ve always wanted one..

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me, watching horror films 
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i wish more people said that being single is normal

and you’re not going to meet and marry someone

and that’s fine

and if marriage happens, it happens. and it’s not the next big ticket to check off in life’s checklist

because not everyone meets someone they want to marry. and that’s normal

you’re not broken or unfulfilled if you are single

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'where is the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago' an autobiography i'll never write because i keep losing the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago.

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attention passengers this is your pilot speaking, we’re going to be experiencing some heavy turbulence shortly so please strap in. this loser just bet that i couldn’t do a 360 barrel roll in this thing and let’s just say i’m about to be $20 richer real soon

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